Formed in 2015, Kaloy Olavides already penned a set of songs ready for an album when he officially created Grows. He invited Alvin Zafra (drummer and bandmate in Pastilan Dong!) then met with Bijan Gorospe (The Strangeness) who later became their bassist.

Initially, they wanted their name to be Gross -- as in anything unpleasant or offensive to one's sensibilities. But turned against it and chose to not give it all away by deciding on Grows instead.

Their musical influences are mainly fuzz- based extending to -- gaze (shoegaze, popgaze, kadirigaze, stonygaze, gaze all you want to whatever). However, one common observation from listeners is this band's ability to evoke a feeling of light and hopeful easyness -- fuzz-loving folks in love and in buzz, one would quip

Grows is:

Kaloy Olavides - Vocals / Guitar
Bijan Gorospe - Bass
Vin Zafra - percussion


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