Graffiti artist Banksy once said, “Think from outside the box, collapse it, and take a knife to it.” As the guitarist for the art-infused folk- punk band, The Sleepyheads, J. Moya has certainly embodied this mantra. Although still a rocking and rolling with his Sleepyhead bandmates—a group he joined in 2009—J. Moya has decided to once again go beyond what many straight-edged folks consider as an “out of the box” punk- inspired life.

Having known bass and guitar since his younger days, through listening to his favorite guitar- based musical recordings, playing with fellow enthusiasts, or just visiting the (used) guitar store, the sound of those strings-- whether jangly or fuzzy, standard-tuned or de-tuned, shimmering or rusty, electric-metallic or unplugged-wooden—fascinated him so much that it affected his very being.

Obsessed with the art and architecture of sound, this Handsome Yoyo is flexing his music muscle with Noise of Time. This latest endeavor plays with the ideas of sound, structure, and narrative to create an album built upon inner states of feeling made tangible through a mix of mighty, subtle or innovative riffs that don’t just show off deft technical ability, but a soul, too.